You feel it: #feldtenzelten makes you a star during festival season

Throbbing basses that put you and your body into an ecstatic trance. With the beats pulsating in your legs and the summer sun shining over your head, all your cares melt away. In the evening you feel the warm summer rain running over your face, telling you to enjoy the moment!

This summer #feldtenzelten is sending 7 winners plus a friend to 7 of Germany’s best-loved festivals. The challenge: we want to see the most extreme festival photo you’ve ever taken. We’ll set you up for the summer with a suitable feldten product so you don’t end up soaking wet in your tent or having to miss out on the dancing because you’ve got blisters on your feet. Send us a festival photo that shows you defying all the odds with feldten and having the time of your life.

Have you got what it takes?

This year will again see tens of thousands of music fans ready to party at hundreds of festivals in Germany and Europe, where top acts of all genres will whip the crowd into a frenzy. feldten is offering a truly golden festival season for 7 lucky winners and their friends: the manufacturer of care products from the Saarland region in Germany specialises in turning outdoor experiences into unforgettable highlights, and will send the winners to some of the glitziest festivals, such as Melt!, Wacken, FM4 Frequency or Nature One.

With the right feldten product, you will survive the maddest festival, the heaviest summer shower, the muddiest field and every dance through the night.

#feldtenzelten Festival Challenge

The feldten promise

Everything started more than 130 years ago in Hamburg, when entrepreneur and inventor W.C.F opened up a manufacture for leather care and fabric impregnation. The craft laid in Feldten’s genes. His grandfather already knew how efficient impregnation and care with fats, waxes and ointments worked. With this he built the base for the company’s following success.

From the beginning Feldten had a big vision and even bigger goals: “Our honored clients have to feel that it is feldten. Otherwise you could just buy it somewhere else”, he is supposed to have declared in front of all his employees. His words became the company’s credo and withstand until today.

feldten is braving the weather for more than 100 years

In the beginning Feldten’s main clients had been navy and maritime shipping. He provided them with the right products to keep their equipment protected and neat. Already 100 years ago feldten was standing for safe products, which top performance helped to brave even the most adverse weather conditions. Over time the ingenious inventor continuously widened the product range: The company is now also producing care products for leather covers, in- and outside of caravans and cars as well as clean and care products for tent fabrics of all kinds.

You feel it

Still today: If you expect maximum performance for your outdoor adventures, you have to choose the clever feldten solutions. It’s not only about protecting your tent or your clothes from rain. If it’s feldten, you feel it with the first use. It’s all about the optimal combination of easy handling, innovative spray systems and powerful ingredients. That’s what makes feldten the indispensable companion to go out and conquer the world. In about 130 years of corporate history feldten managed to harmonize tradition, innovation and know-how for the perfect product.

Because it doesn’t matter, if you go on big backpacking tour through South East Asia or if you put up your tent on your favorite festival: You just feel that it is feldten.