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Protection from extreme weather conditions and insects, care and cleaning of your outdoor equipment, or joint protection: feldten products are made for all functions!

feldten Textile Wash

Burst of freshness for functional textiles: feldten Textile Wash keeps textiles hygienically clean, breathable and climate regulating. Essential for preparing for festival season.

  • For all TEX- and functional materials
  • Effective and hygienic laundering even at 30 °C
  • Breathable and climate-regulating

feldten Power Cleaner

Active foam for dirt: The feldten Power Cleaner fights dirt on leather and textiles, powerful and quick. Your favorite sneakers will (almost) look like new after each mosh pit.

  • Effective cleaning of shoes & textiles
  • Patented brush-sponge applicator
  • Removes even stubborn dirt
  • Solvent free

feldten Natural Wash

Naturally smooth laundering: feldten Natural Wash cares and preserves down and natural fibers. Down sleeping bag and down jacket just deserve an adequate cleaning at the end of the summer!

  • For clothing and equipment made of natural fibers and natural down
  • Preserves the natural properties of the material
  • Long term replenishing
  • Optimum thermal insulation through volume effect

feldten Barefoot Spray

Reduced friction, less blisters: feldten Barefoot Spray protects your feet for the perfect barefoot feeling. Absolute must-have for each danced through festival.

  • Special care ingredients provide feet with an invisible protective film
  • Care and protection
  • Pleasant fresh and dry wearing comfort

feldten Shoe Deo

For a good feeling: The feldten Shoe Deo provides lasting freshness and a pleasant climate in the shoe – and also in your tent after a hardcore party night.

  • Easy to apply via „overhead-spray-system“
  • Neutralisation of unpleasant odours
  • Moisture absorption
  • Air-conditioning and freshness effect

feldten Weather Proof

Our ultimate #feldtenzelten protector – allrounder with 4-way benefit: feldten Weather Proof is the secret weapon for protecting tents, shoes, textiles and accessories.

  • Good for leather, textiles and synthetics
  • Long-lasting protection against moisture, dirt and sunlight
  • For all materials
  • Prevents fading
  • Cares and revitalizes the colour

feldten Wax Spray

Refresh, care, protect: The feldten Wax Spray brings your smooth and grained leather sneakers and your favorite waxed jacket back to life after each festival.

  • Replenishes material, keeps it smooth
  • Powerful water-repellent protection
  • Maintaining of natural breathability of material
  • Especially for waxed or oiled material

feldten Wash-In Proof

Dirt blocker: feldten Wash-In Proof puts an ultrathin invisible protection layer on your festival outfit. Must-have for festivals lasting several days!

  • Easy to use – also suitable for hand wash
  • Für ausgeprägte wasser- und schmutzabweisende Eigenschaften
  • Breathability is not affected

feldten Mosquito Proof

Mosquito net to go: Thanks to feldten Mosquito Proof, annoying and biting nags such as mosquitos and horse flies won’t have the chance to louse up your festival weekend.

  • Effective protection up to 6 hours against mosquitos and horse flies
  • For skin and clothing
  • Not greasy